Preventing Holiday Season Dental Emergencies

It’s Christmas in Flagstaff and that means snow and slippery weather. During this time of year there are extra precautions that you can take to avoid unwanted trips to the dental office or emergency room. No one wants a dental implant for Christmas, so follow these tips below and enjoy your holiday season.

- Dr. Jacob R Williams

Snow in Flagstaff
  1. Don’t Climb up on that ladder!

    Christmas lights are fun! But hanging them up shouldn’t be dangerous. Instead of using a ladder, use an extension pole/clip system that let’s you hang your lights with your feet safely on the ground. I’ve used the “No Ladder Pro” system for several years now and I love it. It takes about 20 minutes to complete my roof and I don’t have to worry about falling.

  2. Hitting the slopes? Wear a Helmet

    You’ve likely worn a helmet for years while cycling, keep that noggin safe while you’re playing on the snow too. Be sure to purchase a helmet with MIPS (Multi-direction Impact Protection System), it is worth the extra few dollars for this feature.

  3. Wear a mouth guard

    This especially applies to individuals playing hockey or who like to push their limits while skiing/snowboarding. Also be sure to clean your mouth guard by soaking it in a retainer cleaning solution like Retainer Brite.

  4. Going Tubing? Don’t pile on

    Tubing is a blast, but I can tell you that every emergency tubing patient I have ever treated was not riding alone. Tubing with doubles/multiples seems like a fun idea but it really increases the injury risk factor, so keep it to 1 rider per tube.

Jacob Williams