Fat Contouring & Skin Tightening

We have the most effective non-invasive solution on the market for treating sagging skin and local facial and neck fat. Let us help you defy gravity by targeting that stubborn; double chin, jowls, and loose skin. Make that turkey neck a thing of the past. Our VForm Technology activates your body’s natural processes of lipolysis and collagen synthesis to rewind the clock and eliminate that stubborn fat. 

VForm with it’s patented MultiCore RF technology is the gold standard for body contouring and cellulite reduction. Do you want to lift your neck and reduce that stubborn submental fat? Then ReLift with VForm is right for you. With 8 weekly sessions you can fight back against gravity and rewind the clock, all with no pain or downtime. At Northern Heights Dental we want all of our patients to love their smiles and live their best lives. Call today to schedule your Free Aesthetic Consultation: 928-774-5050